I love the Whitsundays

NO question is ever silly...just some are hard to answer

Boathaven Resort - Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Being in the hospitality industry in a world class holday destination is great, we get to meet a lot of people from all over the world, every day is a bit different, and people are generally in good spirits because they on holidays.
However, we do get some strange request every now and then and some questions that we can find a little difficult to answer. Or at least answer correctly.

An example of some things people have asked us in the past:

  • We are coming up in October, is it going to rain while we are there?  Im pretty knowlegable on all things about the Whitsundays but I have not yet figured out how to exactly predict the weather. So Ill say this, if your coming to the tropics it will most likely rain sometime during your stay in February & March all other months it's just pot luck. Best time to visit the region is actually the less popular months (none of us can figure out why) May, June, August, and September are may favorite months weather wise.
  • Are there sharks in the ocean in the Whitsundays?  Well this one always makes me smile because it's an ocean and yes there are sharks in every ocean on the planet. What I can say is that the sharks have an abundance of food due to the reef and they are very rarely seen. Most of the ones we have in our area are harmless.  They have no interest in us as a food source. I have snorkeled in these waters for 13 year and I have only ever seen a 2 foot long Black Tip Reef Shark which as soon as he saw my shadow he took off. We only have one recorded shark bite in our region, that I am aware of, and it was no where near the Great Barrier Reef. 
  • How do they keep the islands staying in the same area? I know your going bullpoop, no one ever said that. But it is true in fact 3 people have asked me that question since I lived here. So for those that are not aware, please note that the Whitsunday Islands do not float on top of the water, they are the peaks of mountain ranges that are covered by the sea. 
  • Can you please have someone come up and get rid of the chirping lizard in our room?  The chirping lizards are Gecko's and they are as much a part of the tropical environment as the palm tree's and the coral. I can get rid of that one and as soon as I get back into the office you will have spotted another one. Gecko's have no care of star rating they are in Backapacker hostels all the way through to 5 star resort accommodation and in every home in Queensland. Don't worry no one is infested with geckos but you will see one or two while visiting the Whitsundays. And no they are not poisenous. 
  • Im going to ask my girlfriend to marry me, do think if I book the Spa Suite will she say "yes"? Now we are not sure if this guy was just really nervous and that question came out wrong or what, but I had to put him on hold because I laughed so hard coffee came up through my nose. I advise him that he could book a tent and she would say "yes" if it was the right girl for him. I also booked him on a romantic Helicopter Trip to Whitehaven Beach with a champagne picnic basket just to seal the deal. He was stoked and yes she did say "yes".  They are coming back for their honeymoon on the Lovers Champagne Getaway package next year.
So that is a glimpse of the questions we get on a daily basis, my friends say I should write a book about it all. But when your booking a holiday just remember, NO question is a stupid question because it's your holiday and you want it to be perfect. Just be prepared you may not get the answer you expected to hear.

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